2015 Griffin Studio: Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes


We’re excited to introduce two of our 2015 Griffin Studio artists Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes. Guy and Matt are the creative duo behind Sydney based directing team Boomshaka Film. Two of Australia’s most industrious talents; Guy and Matt are busy performing, writing and producing for stage, television and film, both nationally and internationally. Their work as been screened in over 40 festivals around the world and has picked up many awards along the way.We meet these creative collaborators to talk about working across platforms, the Griffin Studio and their production company Boomshaka Film. 

Matt Zeremes and Guy Edmonds

You are both consistently busy and in-demand – what are you working on at the moment?

We have a slate of film and TV projects in the pipeline with leading Australian production companies. Our feature film Super Awesome is having its world premiere in May, details announced at the end of April. We’re directing a heap of ads, just finished a campaign for IKEA. We’re also (as part of the studio program) writing a musical for Griffin called Rock the Boat which is a musical comedy about Christmas Island detention centre.
What do you hope to achieve through the Griffin Studio program?
To extend our creative reach. We’ve written a lot of work for camera, but together, have not written for stage. It’s a brave new world and one we love getting our teeth into.
Griffin has been a really important company to us both over the years. We’ve worked there as actors in some awesome shows – Holding the Man; The Witches; The Bull, the Moon and the Coronet of Stars and Tiny Dynamite. So, it is actually really nice to just be a pet of the company for a year. Working with awesome people , learning how the place runs as well as getting to write something for the stage…
What excites you about Griffin?
We both have a close connection to Griffin, we got our professional start with Holding the Man and have done numerous other plays here too. It’s a tight creative hub of artists with differing sensibilities who are united in their love for new Australian work.
Griffin does stuff that others don’t. That’s exciting. They’re looking to engage their audience with bold and exciting stories. It’s a place in which passion for the theatre trumps big bucks, and that energy is exciting and fresh.