How long have you been working in the Griffin Theatre Company?

I’ve been at Griffin for 18 months. I started in the office a couple of months after I moved up from Melbourne and my Griffin pals quickly became my Sydney family. I have lived with most staff members at one time or another when I’ve been in between share houses and I call our General Manager, Nathan, my young Dad.

Tell us what the reception has been like for the foyer renovations.
Everyone comes in feeling disoriented and asks how to get up to the theatre. They’re always commenting on how much nicer the toilets are, particularly the ladies. And people tend to stay and drink at the bar for longer which is more fun for me!
I see that the days of Twisties at Griffin have gone. Tell us about the boutique snacks and wine available.
Fancy a nut? Or an olive? How about a pea? We’re starting to focus more on the great local produce available, just as we do with our theatre. So now you’ll find an awesome selection of wines from around the country, delicious snacks made by clever Aussies and also some great local personalities in our volunteers who run the bar! (I do miss the Twisties though…)
What’s the best thing about working front of house?
All the delightful, wonderful people who come through our doors and support new Australian theatre.
I have met so many awesome people with big hearts and interesting stories!

You must see a variety of emotions when audience members come out of the theatre – can you tell us about any particularly memorable ones?

During Angela’s Kitchen I had to have tissues on hand when the audience came out each night. It was beautiful to see people moved by hearing a story so close to that of their own families, especially the many people who hadn’t been to the theatre before. Paul (Capsis) felt it too.