Tell us about the work you have done previously with director Sam Strong and designer Danny Pettingil.
We’ve previously collaborated in Melbourne, on the Red Stitch production of Faces in the Crowd in 2009. Our work ethics, expectations and aesthetics complement each other. Our collaborative partnership is built on respect and trust for each other’s practices, ideas, and outcomes. I value how our work overlaps and individual ideas transform to create a cohesive vision.
This is the first show you’ve done in Sydney. What are the main differences when working in another city?
When working in your own city it comes with a knowledge and network base which provides the foundations for realising a design. Establishing a reliable network of resources in Sydney has been easier with the support of the Griffin Theatre Company community has made the realisation of Speaking in Tongues come to life.
Tell us about the Speaking in Tongues design and the ideas behind it.
When we set out to conceive the design for this production we wanted to create an environment that could bring this it into a modern setting whilst keeping true to the text which has a certain timeless quality.
The design aims to frame the action within the stables, Sam’s directorial decisions have generated a dynamic space that provides the cast and design team the ability to manipulate and shift location and time to serve the text.