NEXT READING: Unholy Ghosts by Campion Decent

To conclude their year of readings, PD celebrates the winner of the 2012 Rodney Seaborn Playwriting Award, Campion Decent’s Unholy Ghosts. This reading is particularly exciting for Griffin, as it is an opportunity to catch an early glimpse of this play before it makes its way to the SBW Stables stage in August 2014.

When 5pm, Sunday 8 December

 $15/$5 PD members book online

A successful man of the theatre finds a front row seat in a strange new tragicomedy: the undignified death of his parents. There’s not much time left for either his ailing mother the actress, still prone to melodramatics, or his father the salesman, still flogging his side of the story. But there’s just enough time to open old wounds and have a jolly good go at new ones.

At once personal and universal, Unholy Ghosts invites us to reflect on the narrative turning point that visits all our life stories. It’s an irreverent, life-affirming take on loss with all the inherent funniness of a good funeral.

A family portrait painted in warm, uplifting colours, Unholy Ghosts won Campion Decent the 2012 Rodney Seaborn Playwright’s Award and is directed by Kim Hardwick.

Directed by Kim Hardwick
With James Lugton, Sandy Gore and William Zappa


Since 1994, PD has aided in the development of hundreds of new Australian plays by holding regular public readings of new Australian scripts.

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PD was based at the Old Fitzroy Theatre in Woolloomooloo from 2004 to 2008, moving to the Darlinghurst Theatre in 2009.

We’re delighted that PD has moved to Griffin’s home, the SBW Stables Theatre.


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Each year, the play script judged to be the best script read at PD is awarded The Mitch Mathews Award.

If you’d like to submit a script to be considered for a reading, please send a hard and soft copy along with a SSAE to Literary Manager, Parnassus’ Den PO Box 946, Thirroul, NSW 2515 (email [email protected]). There is a $100 submission fee.

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