Yoo-whoo Nutters! Secret Squirrel has finally cracked it and passed out after a nut feeding frenzy – we think she was convinced the end of the world is nigh, what with the floods, fires and plagues.
So Furtive Ferret here, checking in for duty to deliver you all the goods and goss in the absence of SS. To start, Ferret would like to point out to readers than despite the downtrodden reputation of her species, she is quite the fashion forward ferret, more into costuming than script development, and indeed has for years been sporting a look which is now being featured in the New York Magazine fashion pages. See? Quite the fashionista. Bill Cunningham would be sure to agree. So no ferret jokes please.
To a different side of showbiz, Ferret would like to bring to your attention the casting of the next Superman, Henry Cavill, a studly British actor probably best known for being the one on The Tudors who looks less likely to kill you in your sleep. But most significantly his casting means that along with Andrew Garfield as the new Spiderman, and Christian Bale as the new(ish) Batman, the three biggest American superheroes are now played by Brits. Speaking of Spidey, his Broadway appearance has been described as ‘hyperstimulated, vivid, lurid, overeducated, underbaked, terrifying, confusing, distracted, ridiculously slick, shockingly clumsy, unmistakably monomaniacal and clinically bipolar sounds’ i.e  pretty rad.
In other theatre news, Kevin Spacey to direct Mubarak: the musical and Anna Nicole Smith: The Opera due soon at Covent Garden.   Locally, check out Before/After over at the Wharf.  German.  Sved.  This piece has over 40 characters which TOTALLY BEATS the 9 in Speaking in Tongues.
On to our technology spot – and apparently David Cameron is an Angry Birds fan, which makes FF feels slightly shamed.
What does all this mean? FF doesn’t know, but would love to hear your thoughts [email protected]. Well wishes for Secret Squirrel’s return (and less fashion talk next newsletter) can be sent to [email protected].