With great sadness, Griffin Theatre Company have announced the temporary closure of the SBW Stables Theatre, which means that our season of Matthew Whittet’s Kindness has been cancelled.

Ticket sales make up 40% of Griffin’s annual income. If you already have a ticket to Kindness, please consider converting all or part of your ticket price to a tax deductible donation, with receipt provided.

This is a difficult time for Griffin, but it cannot compare to the experience of so many freelance artists and casual employees working in the arts industry—who are waking up every morning to see their year’s income evaporate.

For this reason, Griffin will still provide financial support to the artists on Kindness wherever possible—its actors, director, stage management and designers. We know this is the right thing to do, but as a tiny company it will put us under serious financial strain. If you can afford to donate your ticket price, please do.

And if you’d like to support Griffin in an even greater capacity, you can donate here.