The Griffin Women’s Initiative was formed in 2019 to directly support the development of women in artistic leadership positions. This cohort of donors is enabling Griffin to employ—for three years—a female Associate Artistic Director in a part-time capacity. This role is representative of Griffin’s commitment to creating pathways for more female leaders in the arts

Griffin is thrilled to have Tessa Leong join the company as our first Associate Artistic Director, a role that would not have been possible without the support of this initiative

If you’d like to learn more, or join the Griffin Women’s
Initiative, please drop a message to our Development Manager via [email protected].

We’d like to thank all our current donors of the Griffin Women’s Initiative:

Katrina Barter
Wendy Blacklock
Christy Boyce & Madeleine Beaumont
Laura Crennan
Lyndell Droga
Melinda Graham
Sherry Gregory
Antonia Haralambis
Ann Johnson
Roanne Knox
Julia Pincus
Ruth Ritchie
Lenore Robertson
Sonia Simich
Margie Sullivan
Simone Whetton

The Griffin Women’s Initiative is also supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1.