The Lysicrates Prize 2020

The Lysicrates Prize is a philanthropic initiative presented by The Lysicrates Foundation and produced by Griffin Theatre Company.

The finalists for The Lysicrates Prize 2020 are:

Brooke RobinsonDeoxyribo-Whatever Acid
Katy WarnerThe Party
Matthew WhittetNo Need to Hide a Light When it Shines Like Hers

You can now register to attend The Lysicrates Prize 2020 event which will take place on Friday 31 January at 3pm. There, you will be able to vote for your favourite comedy, and through the power of democracy, choose a winning play.


The winner of the 2019 Lysicrates Prize was playwright Jane Bodie for Tell Me You Love Me. The two runners-up were Julian Larnach for Leviathan and Katy Warner for Appropriate. 

The 2018 winner was playwright Travis Cotton for his new play Starfish. The two runners-up were Christine Evans for GALILEE and H Lawrence Sumner for The Hollow Queen.

Melissa Bubnic received the 2017 prize for Ghosting the PartyRunners-up were Jennifer Compton for The Goose in the Bottle and Nick Coyle for The Feather in the Web, which later featured in our 2018 season. 

Mary Rachel Brown received the 2016 prize for her play Approximate BalanceThis play re-titled Dead Cat Bounce featured in the 2019 Griffin program. Runners-up were playwrights Elise Hearst and Campion Decent.

Steve Rodgers won the inaugural Lysicrates Prize for his play Jesus Wants Me for a SunbeamRunners-up were Lally Katz and Justin Fleming. The audience’s response to Justin’s play The Literati was so enthusiastic that the play was selected to be co-produced by Bell Shakespeare and Griffin in 2016, where it enjoyed a sell-out season at the Stables Theatre.