What are we looking for?
We want to hear from writers, performance makers and theatrical vagabonds with bold, challenging and ambitious ideas that are itching to get out. Glimpses of early drafts, ideas in development and outright experiments are all welcome.

How does the night work?
Each Scratch night will feature four artist projects, and each project will get 15 minutes on the Griffin stage to showcase your idea. Griffin Scratch nights are free to attend, and we encourage you to invite all your nearest and dearest to support your work—we will too!

Money, money, money…
Selected projects will be paid a stipend of $500. Plus, you’ll be provided with access to the Griffin space to rehearse in situ.

What if I have a great idea, but no creative team?
Please still submit! We are happy to work with you and help you pull a creative team together.

Let’s get technical!
Each project will have access to the Stables stage on the day of the event to rehearse in situ. Due to the nature of the Scratch night your tech needs to be super simple—think lights up, lights down. If your idea requires any out of the ordinary technical requirements, please let us know in your application.