A Note from Lee, 4 January


Put your skates on — 2018 is happening! And we have some great shows for you. There will be a year of laughter, tears, passion and politics. We are about to kick it all off with festival smash-hit FAG/STAG written by Story…

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A Note from Lee, 21 December


2017! A Strategic Plan, The Homosexuals or ‘Faggots’, Rice, Diving For Pearls. A big year of stories wasn’t it? I hope you found in these plays ideas to challenge you, to entertain you, to create new conversations with friends and…

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Griffin Podcast: State of Play


Why do we need theatre in Australia? Angela Catterns interviews a panel of theatre professionals—including Fred Copperwaite, Lee Lewis, Chris Mead and Alana Valentine—about the state of Australian theatre, now. Produced by Angela CatternsMusic by Charlie ChanSound by Tony David…

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A Note from Lee, 7 December


Big announcement. Our two Studio Artists for 2018 are Caleb Lewis and Meyne Wyatt. They will both be with the company for the year working on their plays and on all things Griffin. Watch this space! This year’s Studio Artist Phil Spencer is now joining…

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A note from Will, 23 November


On Saturday night we say farewell to one of the most successful independent productions in Griffin’s history as Merciless Gods finishes its devastating run. A huge congratulations to Little Ones Theatre and Dan Giovannoni for his compelling adaptation and arrangement of Christos…

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A Note from Lee, 9 November


There are moments in Merciless Gods that will stay with me always. Moments where the mysterious alchemy of word and actor and the beautiful Stables stage conspire to burn through the fatigue of the day, the frustration with governments, the…

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A post from Karen, 26 October


After a fantastic run, Diving for Pearls is in its final days and has completely sold out. We could not be happier that this beautiful production directed by Darren Yap has touched so many of our audiences. In this recent…

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A Note from Lee, 12 October


Here are six jokes Phil Spencer offered to sell me as I come back into the building and write my first enews in a while. No wait, we are still functioning under the ‘Brandis-ripple-effect-lack-of-funding’ so I can only afford three….

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High Hopes Are Not Enough: A Note from Di Kelly


Di Kelly is an Associate Professor at University of Wollongong, researching employment and industrial relations, particularly with reference to the steel industry. This note was written by her in 1992 and was included in the first publication of Diving For Pearls….

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A Note from Phil, Thursday 28 September


STARRY, STARRY STARSWhen charged with task of writing the Griffin eNews, I’ve been told it is best to open with a pithy anecdote, elucidate the goings-on of the company with a meaningful backstage insight and then close with a joke…

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