5 Questions with Rebekah Robertson


Rebekah Robertson is the Writer and Performer of Book Club for Reclusive Dance Hall Queens, which is enjoying its World Premiere on the opening weekend of Batch Festival! Rebekah talked all things Book Club ahead of the show’s opening at the Stables….

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5 Questions with David Finnigan

Batch Festival is fast approaching, and the very first cab off the rank is Griffin favourite David Finnigan’s brand new show You’re Safe till 2024. David is best known to Griffin audiences as the playwright behind Kill Climate Deniers, the outrageously satirical,…

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A Note from Lee, 28 March


Number one thing to do when the autumnal weather is weird…come to the theatre! We promise we will protect you from the elements, and treat you to some wonderful theatre to boot. Dead Cat Bounce by Mary Rachel Brown is nearly at…

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5 Questions with Black Birds


Ayeesha Ash and Emele Ugavule are the creators and performers of Exhale, the latest offering from the Sydney-based performance collective Black Birds, playing at Griffin from 9-13 April. Together, Ayeesha and Emele answered five questions about what to expect from the show, and how it came to…

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A Note from Phil, 14 March


I would like to start with a shout-out to the woman on my train to Kings Cross this morning who I saw sipping Red Bull (at 9.30am) and googling “How long does it take to get a black belt in…

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Casting Update for Prima Facie by Suzie Miller


Sheridan Harbridge will join the upcoming season of Prima Facie in the role of Tessa. This role was originally to be played by Kate Mulvany, who recently announced that due to a conflicting international opportunity, she would no longer be…

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A Note from Lee, 28 February


You have three things to do today: Book your tickets to Dead Cat Bounce. It is officially open—kicking off our 2019 Main Season! Bring tissues. Check out the programme for our second ever Batch Festival, and book your tickets—shows will…

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A Note from Lee, 14 February


Blink. January is gone. Blink. Valentine’s Day. Blink. Dead Cat Bounce has its first preview next Friday night. So what you could do is invite your Valentine to come to the theatre. A stroll up the hill enjoying that Kings…

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A Note from Lee, 31 January


Hot! Hot! Hot! The weather yes, but also Omar Musa and Betty Grumble—what a start to 2019 at Griffin. And right now we have Mary Rachel Brown‘s Dead Cat Bounce in rehearsal, we’re gearing up to launch our second Batch…

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