What are we looking for?

Fresh new work that wouldn’t usually be seen on the Griffin stage! Our programming model is based on these key words; new voices, quality, interdisciplinary, collaboration and transforming spaces.

Duration and number of performances?

Our 2018 projects had between 1-4 performances, except our installation works which were open most nights across the festival and were free of charge. Ideally shows will run for approximately 60 minutes, but if you have a shorter or longer show we still want to hear from you.

Money, money, money

Artists do not pay any fees to be part of Batch Festival.

We deliver Batch as a co-presentation event with artists and do not purchase shows.

Exact financial arrangements including box office splits and in-kind support will be finalised on a project-by-project basis.

Based interstate or overseas?

We’d love to hear from you! We’re interested in brand new work or work that will have a Sydney premiere.

Let’s get technical

Each show will have a 2-hour technical rehearsal the day before of the day of the first performance, pending the overall production schedule. Your show should have the ability to be bumped in and out within 15 minutes, as our theatre will be shared with up to 4 shows per night. If you are pitching a project that won’t use the Stables Theatre, please outline the proposed space and how it will be bumped in etc. If you require any projection, or out of the ordinary technical requirements (FYI flour and glitter are pretty much off limits), please let us know in your application. Please note, big set pieces are tricky in our space and in terms of the quick turn around between shows, but not impossible. If you’d like further information about the Stables, have a look at our technical specifications.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Associate Producer Nicole La Bianca