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In this exclusive course, you’ll be part of a small group of students who follow the progress of Griffin’s production of The Almighty Sometimes by Kendall Feaver through the rehearsal process to opening night. Under the guidance of acclaimed playwright Hilary Bell, you will:

- Explore the script
- Hear from members of the creative team
- Meet Griffin staff and gain insight into the Company’s process of producing new work
- Visit the rehearsal room
- Observe a technical or dress rehearsal
- Attend the opening night performance to experience the final production and celebrate with Griffin.

This is a course for theatre lovers of all experience levels, and offers a unique insight into the creation of a new Australian production.


Where: The Griffin Office, 13 Craigend St, Kings Cross. Some sessions will take place offsite – for example, at the rehearsal room, or at the SBW Stables Theatre.

When: 8 week course commencing Thursday 21 June and running until 9 August, 7-9pm.
(Please note: Time variations apply with certain sessions commencing earlier or running past 9pm)

Cost: $400 (Including a ticket to the Opening Night performance and post-show function)

Thursday 21 June – Thursday 9 August



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