26 April 12:57 pm

A Note from Lee, 26 April

In all the excitement of our first Batch Festival I forgot to tell you about The Bleeding Tree! It is going on the road! Next Monday I go back into rehearsal with the magnificent Paula Arundell. Two new actors, Sophie Ross and Brenna Harding, have come on board to play her daughters. It is a real pleasure to be working on that play again – as tough as the story is, we all feel really lucky to have it on a stage once more.

People often ask me why our works don’t tour more. Truth is, in Australia it is a really expensive, difficult thing to do well, and it takes time, cash and a huge effort to remount and tour a play – these are resources we don’t necessarily have at Griffin. We choose to stay focused on producing new work. But every so often, there is such demand from other cities to see a particular play that we just have to make it work. If you saw The Bleeding Tree at Griffin and Sydney Theatre Company you will understand why Canberra, Melbourne and Geelong want the chance to see it for themselves. So tell your friends and families down south to book tickets – then you can finally talk about the play with them!

In the meantime, this is the last week of Batch, and then next week, Good Cook. Friendly. Clean. is in the Stables. I snuck into the rehearsal room last week and was thrilled by what I saw. It is funny and disturbing and moving and a really exciting debut from new playwright Brooke Robinson. I think you will really like it! 

See you at the Stables!


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director

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