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Griffin Theatre Company is Australia’s new writing theatre. In residence at Sydney’s historic SBW Stables Theatre, we lead the country in developing and producing great Australian stories, and are dedicated to supporting Australian artists.

  • Steve Rodgers wins the inaugural The Lysicrates Prize

    We’re thrilled to announce that Steve Rodgers is the winner of the inaugural The Lysicrates Prize  for his play Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam. The first Act of all three finalists’ works were performed at the Sydney Conservatorium on Friday 30 January. The Premier of NSW presented Steve with the prize at an awards ceremony in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Read more…

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18 February 1:52 pm

A message from Lee, 18 February

Writing to you from my seat on the 6am Qantas flight to Melbourne. I am spending the week at MTC working on a new play by one of our original Storylab writers Michele Lee.

Saturday saw me again on the wings of Qantas down to Tasmania to see the wonderful Robert Jarman in a play by Tom Holloway called As We Forgive. A big wave to Geoff Gibson down at the Burnie Arts Centre for the whirlwind tour of that beautiful part of the world.

All of this is part of the process of finding and developing great writing from around the country to bring to the Griffin stage for you. Sometimes a play will spring from our backyard like Suzie Miller’s Caress/Ache which arrives at the Stables next week. Sometimes it develops in the furthest reaches of this huge country like Yasukichi Murakami which has its roots in Broome, Darwin and a fishing village in Japan. Staying in conversation with writers across the country as they craft their stories is part of what we do at Griffin.

There are amazing stories out there being sculpted into plays. You know what the season holds for Griffin this year, but what kinds of stories would you like to see next year? I’ll keep my eye out for them in my travels.

Love Lee

PS shameless plug for Griffin photographer (and love of my life) Brett Boardman who has an exhibition opening at the Japan Foundation next week Mono No Aware. It is extraordinary. Yes I may be biased. 

3 February 10:31 pm

Suzie Miller and Caress/Ache

Playwright and former human rights lawyer, Suzie Miller, takes us through her experience in writing her new play Caress/Ache, which has its world premiere at Griffin on 27 February.

Caress/Ache is a work that has been many years in the writing and will always be a piece that I am immensely connected to. In the lead up to the 2005 execution of young Australian Nguyen Tuong Van in Singapore following a conviction for drug trafficking, the Singaporean government asserted its rule that the young man could not be hugged (or hug) his desperate mother before his death.

Driving around Sydney, intricately involved as a human rights lawyer at the time, I was reflecting upon some of the aspects of the sentence. The inhumanity of execution is of course a big picture human rights violation, and yet somehow this other rule of no hugging, struck me profoundly. More than inhumane there was an innate cruelty in this rule to both the convicted and also powerfully to his mother – and this cruelty was based on the power of a basic human sensory system. To deny such a fundamental form of human touch was ironically, also to recognise its beauty and its power – this concept planted the seed for the story that would become Caress/Ache. Read more…

10:23 pm

A message from Lee, 4 February

Great moments in the last five days:

Walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens in the early evening just before the NSW Premier announced the winner of the inaugural The Lysicrates Prize.
Thinking about this article.
Encouraged by this article.

Cheering the announcement of Bill Winspear as Chief Glug (congratulations to Lucy Bell, Steve Rodgers and Declan Greene for their wins at the awards!).

Sharing a piece of Strawberry Watermelon cake from Black Star in Newtown with my love.

Reading this poem by C.P Cavafy for the first time on the recommendation of a friend.

Watching the final moments of this year’s Superbowl and that amazing interception.

Hearing all the ‘first day at school’ stories from the kids of the Griffin staff.

2015 is off to a great start.


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